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Peter came on to help refine our digital marketing. He ended up helping to define our digital marketing plan. Invaluable insight into channels, opportunities and keeping our eye focused on profitable initiatives. He was part of the team, helping lead and drive massive increases in revenue, profitability and intelligence. He also has such a great network of experienced partners it was like bringing on the entire A-Team. 
Michelle Wahler / CEO / Beyond Yoga

Beyond Yoga

Beyond Yoga wanted to elevate its direct-to-consumer businesses. Sales, while growing nicely, were underperforming expectations.


Highland worked with CEO & COO to:

  • Review all areas of the business
  • Better understand LTV and develop clear investment criteria
  • Evaluated all of its marketing efforts and identified growth opportunnities


  • Improved customer acquisition efforts across SEM and Paid Social
  • Introducted expanded database growth initiatives including phone numbers
  • Revamped email marketing strategy and launched MMS marketing
  • E-Commerce growth rate is up over 300% YOY within 6 months

A Few Of Our
Sucess Stories



A high quality, style driven sunglasses brand was looking to accelerate growth. Highland worked with Raen CEO to flush out growth opportunities and develop and execute a strategic plan. Sales growth went from 10% to 90% in in 2017 and to 100% in 2018.

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FitLife Foods

Fitlife Foods

A successful retail business that provides delicious healthy fresh prepared meals was looking for growth opportunities. Highland worked with Fitlife to build an e-commerce driven delivery business from the ground up resulting in a new revenue stream on pace to be 50% of total company sales.

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American Disability Association

American Disability Association

A social security disability lead generation business needed to improve their core metrics for cost per “new case” for consumers looking to claim disability. Highland redesigned their website to materially improve the customer experience. Conversion rates increased by 45%, with cost per lead dropped by 43%.

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Highland worked with the CEO to Analyze all online/offline marketing iniatives and build a unified data warehouse to understand lifetime value by acquisition channel.

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Paxtis Pizza


Highland worked with co-founders to accelerate growth to hit a minimum of 50% year-over-year sales growth while hitting profitability.

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