"Peter came on to help refine our digital marketing. He ended up helping to define our digital marketing plan. Invaluable insight into channels, opportunities and keeping our eye focused on profitable initiatives. He was part of the team, helping lead and drive massive increases in revenue, profitability and intelligence. He also has such a great network of experienced partners it was like bringing on the entire A-Team."

- Michelle Wahler, CEO, Beyond Yoga

"Peter is one of the most brilliant performance-based marketers I’ve ever met. His understanding of our business challenges and opportunities within the vertical were the key to the solutions he helped us implement. By making the adjustments to our business model and website that Peter recommended, we were able to grow our subscriber base 10X in 9 months and our revenue 100% YoY. Peter's professionalism and enthusiasm for the work he does is contagious and it is a true pleasure to work with him."

- Monica Klausner, Co-Founder & CMO, Veestro

"We had a vision for what we wanted our e-commerce channel to look like, but it wasn’t until Peter Shapiro came into Fitlife Foods to support our efforts when we found our way. Since Peter has been partnered with Fitlife, the results and activities have been measurable and there has been a different level of accountability with respect to the growth of the business. He has helped lead a transformation that will be critical for our company’s growth. Fitlife is now positioned as a powerful e-commerce player for years to come and we have Peter to thank for that."

- David Osterweil, CEO, FitLife Foods

"We brought Peter into Raen to help accelerate our e-commerce growth. Before he arrived, we were growing 10%, 9 months later we were up 90%. From day one Peter became part of our team, leading our efforts to drive growth. His input has been invaluable and he has been a pleasure to work with"

- Jeff Fitzhugh, CEO, Raen

"Peter did a great job of working with our current marketing department in collaborating on different ways to capture new guests while rewarding our loyal following. They did a great job of evolving current initiatives to higher levels while guiding us to make our processes more efficient and targeted."

- Luis Ruvalcaba, CEO Patxis Pizza

"Not all customers are created equal. Understanding the relationship between their lifetime value, source and cost of acquisition is critical to making smart marketing investments. Peter brought a fresh a set of eyes and enormous enthusiasm to our challenge of understanding and operationalizing customer lifetime value. His deep direct marketing knowledge coupled with executive perspective helped us clarify the big picture and connect the details to achieve this."

- McGregor Button, CMO Linksoul

"Peter is one of the strongest direct marketers I have ever met. When Peter and Interactive Search Holdings were my clients back in 2001 it became clear that his creative yet sophisticated approach to customer acquisition was the driving force behind the tremendous success of their toolbar business. More recently Peter was a mentor/advisor for two New York DreamIt start-ups last summer, both who found his guidance invaluable. I am looking forward to his participation in DreamIt again this year and I would highly recommend Peter to anyone doing business online."

- Mark Wachen, CEO / Founder, Upstage Ventures

"We hired Peter at Playlist to help us gain consumer insight into the digital music market and to specifically recommend a new product and pricing strategy. The insight Peter provided exceeded expectations and has provided a framework for which we are basing our new plans. Through sophisticated consumer awareness research, Peter provided us with compelling data and his corresponding insight. I would highly recommend Peter to any company marketing products or services directly to consumers."

- Bobby Davidorf, Strategic CFO for Startups, Burkland Associates
Former CEO Project Playlist

"Peter is an extraordinarily gifted executive. He has a vast and always-updated awareness of the technical advances being made so rapidly. He is an executive who know tech as opposed to a techie who is learning to become an exec. His strengths include strategic thinking, leadership and team building. Also of note is that Peter is bilingual: he speaks techie AND English. A really worthwhile guy."

- Richard Randall, Board Member, P&F Industries

"Peter is one of the best direct response marketers I have come across. He is natural in terms of strategic leadership and the ability to motivate people to maximize their potential. His passion and enthusiasm for building successful, exciting businesses is contagious and his track record of success speaks for itself."

- Brian Silver, OVP, Yahoo!

"Peter is an extremely talented direct marketer and internet star. I worked with Peter while we were building the Smiley Central toolbar business for ISH (acquired by Ask in 2004). Peter was running the customer acquisition process in its entirety, which was a well-oiled money-making machine. I'd highly recommend finding a way to get Peter on your side."

- Tim Ogilvie, Internet Entrepreneur

"Peter is an incredibly gifted direct marketer and executive leader. He collaborates across an organization to bring together the right people and the required discipline to transform businesses. He has a deep understanding of how current technologies impact business success and uncanny ability to identify and measure what's most important. Peter is a passionate leader who drives others to perform at their best."

- Kathy Tobiasen, VP Customer Experience, The Nature’s Bounty Company

A Few Of Our
Sucess Stories



A high quality, style driven sunglasses brand was looking to accelerate growth. Highland worked with Raen CEO to flush out growth opportunities and develop and execute a strategic plan. Sales growth went from 10% to 90% in in 2017 and to 100% in 2018.

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FitLife Foods

Fitlife Foods

A successful retail business that provides delicious healthy fresh prepared meals was looking for growth opportunities. Highland worked with Fitlife to build an e-commerce driven delivery business from the ground up resulting in a new revenue stream on pace to be 50% of total company sales.

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American Disability Association

American Disability Association

A social security disability lead generation business needed to improve their core metrics for cost per “new case” for consumers looking to claim disability. Highland redesigned their website to materially improve the customer experience. Conversion rates increased by 45%, with cost per lead dropped by 43%.

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Highland worked with the CEO to Analyze all online/offline marketing iniatives and build a unified data warehouse to understand lifetime value by acquisition channel.

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Paxtis Pizza


Highland worked with co-founders to accelerate growth to hit a minimum of 50% year-over-year sales growth while hitting profitability.

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