The 10 Things You Need to Know if Expanding Internationally!

Are you thinking about expanding your business internationally?  Often, businesses facing increasing competition or pricing pressures domestically may find the competitive landscape different in international markets.  Demand for products “Made in the USA” often present companies with the ability to increase price and margins overseas while tapping into “unmet” needs.  Here are ten things to

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Part II: If You Want a Collaborative and Innovative Organization… Start HERE!

Part One discussed five (5) ways to help build a collaborative and innovative culture:  Trusting your Employees, then Empowering your Employees, Being Visible and Approachable, Encouraging Failure and making sure everyone understands that Innovation is much more than just Product Innovation. Here are five more things to think about: ENABLE, ENCOURAGE & REQUIRE CUSTOMER INTERACTION:

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10 Ways to Make Your Customers Fall in Love With Your Brand

Do you want your customers to love your brand? What does this really mean? Customers who love a brand are a built in marketing engine because they talk positively about your products and services. They do it on social media or at dinner or at the gym! Building love between your brand and your customers

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